What do Bulgarian wines, real beer and perfect cocktails have in common?

From April 7 to 9, Wine&Spirits Show is the main event on the checklist of restaurateurs, hoteliers, bartenders, sommeliers and retailers
Freshness, traditions, creativity, color, flavors, aromas and more and more... There are few words to describe the upcoming Wine&Spirits Show. As you probably guessed, we are looking forward to the event, because it will turn Sofia from April 7 to 9 into a paradise of Bulgarian and foreign wines, beers, craft delights and high-alcohol drinks. Wine&Spirits Show at Inter Expo Center will be a real island of knowledge, thanks to the accompanying events, which we will talk about in the following lines.
Wine, restaurants and bars are placed as the center of the universe by wine consultant Yordan Rusev on the first day of the Wine&Spirits Show. He will advise restaurateurs, sommeliers, bartenders and waiters on developing the establishment's wine list to make it more successful.
Do you like craft beer? In our opinion, everyone loves. That is why we are waiting with interest for Irina Stefanova. It comes from the Hills microbrewery in Peruštitsa. To answer the question "Real beer - what is it?". As a finale to the first day, the organizers from Inter Expo Center and DiVino bet on the Master Class program with a tasting of five Scotch whiskies, combined with different foods. A kind of "conductor" of the event is Nikolay Neikov, ambassador of Diageo's premium distilled beverages.
Native production, Caribbean flavors and 135 years of tradition
It's time to move on to the second day of the Wine&Spirits Show. It will start with a Round Table on the future of wine regions in Bulgaria. In parallel, the Bulgarian Development Bank will present new products for the wine industry, and the Bulgarian Export Insurance Agency - its services for wine production.
In the early afternoon, at 4:00 p.m., we move to the Caribbean. With Caribbean rum from Guadeloupe, of course. Julia Kostadinova, taster of Spirits Selection by Concours Mondial de Bruxelles, will walk us around the island of Guadeloupe. In the Master Class, she and I will try together 6 examples of Caribbean Agricole rum styles from four legendary distilleries.
The day will end with a Master Class meeting with a vertical tasting of Barovo Red (North Macedonia) and Terrasse à l'Ombre (South Rhône) with Tikveš wine expert and teacher Alexander Ristovski. Speaking of Tikveš, did you know that the North Macedonian winery has over 135 years of history behind it?
And can you make cocktails?
Opening its doors on the third day, the Wine&Spirits Show meets us again with Irina Stefanova from the Hills microbrewery in Peruštitsa. Then Yana Petkova takes the stage. In a Master Class with a tasting of eight wines, she will introduce California wines. Did you know that California is the fourth largest producer of wine in the world?
After the end of this master class, Yana will not leave the stage. On the contrary. It will continue to be the focus of our attention with its Presentation with tasting of seven wines - "The High Wines of Europe" from the portfolio of the importer Hedonist Wines; the drinks are from the very heart of the Old Wine World - Italy and Spain.
We asked you if you can make cocktails... Whatever your answer is, you should meet Pavel Pamukchiev of Travel Cocktails. This cocktail master will talk to us about mixology and help us take our first professional bartending steps.
There are less than 48 hours left until the start of the Wine&Spirits Show 2022. Because on April 7, the second edition of this exhibition will begin. At nter Expo Center, of course. The mix that the organizers from Inter Expo Center and DiVino will realize from April 7 to 9 is more than promising. Don't have a ticket yet? The omission is fixable. Just CLICK HERE.