The manager of IEC Ivaylo Ivanov and the deputy manager Yoan Mladenov

Inter Expo Center is positioned as one of the locations for major international events

The manager of IEC Ivaylo Ivanov and the deputy manager of the International Exhibition Center Yoan Mladenov disclosed the future plans for the development of Inter Expo Center  in an interview for Darik radio. Both emphasized the current large-scale renovation in the complex, worth over 1.5 million BGN.

"This is the biggest overhaul in the last 10 years. We are completely transforming the first floor of the Congress Center and will make some redecoration of the halls on the second floor ", commented Ivaylo Ivanov. The manager of Inter Expo Center added that the congress has been part functioning like this since 2003.

Modernisation and repair activities are planned to be completed in the middle of September, for when corporate clients’ events have already been scheduled. "We are sticking to the schedule", said on the air of Darik Radio Ivaylo Ivanov. He noted that during the repair  the six showrooms will be available and they can be used for convention events with a capacity of over 2000 people. The exhibition rooms will be provided with special acoustic curtains, thank to which the sound conditions for big concerts, to which very often Inter Expo Center is host will get significantly improved.

Better Comfort for the Customers

The large-scale change will increase customer comfort and improve the overall functionality of the building. "Our main goal is to improve the quality of service we offer. We will use the highest class materials from German producers. Wall finishes will come from compressed timber. Thanks to all this the acoustics will be significantly improved and the more stringent requirements of our partners will be met" Yoan Mladenov noted.

Latest Generation Technology

For this purpose "Vitosha" hall will be equipped with the last generation curved screen, which thanks to its concave shape will allow 360-degree visualization. Following the human view, the screen creates an exceptionally wide panoramic view. With the introduction of innovative technologies and approaches, Rodopi Hall will literally be transformed. This will happen due to the special movable walls. The interactive possibilities of the Congress halls will also be upgraded.

Change at All Levels

The change, that started at the International Exhibition Center, will be at all levels, both Ivaylo Ivanov and Yoan Mladenov agreed. It will also cover customer service, improvement of communication, development of bonus and loyalty programs for end corporate customers and event organizers. For this purpose trainings have already begun to increase the professional qualification of the staff.

"Inter Expo Center will be positioned as one of the locations for major international events, which are directly related to the development of Congress tourism”, Yohn Mladenov commented.
Bulgarian Congress Bureau, of which IEC is a co-founder and a member of the Managing board, is of paramount importance for the arrangement and holding this type of forums in Bulgaria. Bulgarian Congress Bureau is the organization, which at national level is working to attract large international congresses with a capacity of up to 1000 and over 1000 people.

Full information about the large-scale investments, the renovation of the halls and the way to the better services that Inter Expo Center offers, can be fond on the site www.iec.bg.