The day we found out how the industry will develop

The International Hybrid Conference "Challenges to Industrial Transformation" was held as part of MachTech & InnoTech 2021
What's next for the industry? What are the innovative digital solutions for facilitating industrial processes? What do we need to know about robots before implementing them in our production? How is the connection between science and business in the digital transformation? These and many other questions were answered by those present at the International Hybrid Conference "Challenges to Industrial Transformation" on September 14. A total of 11 speakers presented their visions and shared the knowledge of both the online audience and those present in the hall.
The event was part of the large-scale accompanying program of MachTech & InnoTech, which brings together in the Inter Expo Center the sector of metalworking, industrial technology, software and automation. The international forum is held in accordance with the requirements of the national health authorities, providing conditions for optimal health safety.
The hybrid conference was officially opened by Iva Gerasimova, Deputy Manager of Inter Expo Center, Boyko Takov, Executive Director of the Executive Agency for Promotion of Small and Medium Enterprises (BSMEPA) Boyko Takov and Eng. Iliya Keleshev - Chairman of the Bulgarian Branch Chamber. The conference is organized jointly by Inter Expo Center, BSMEPA and the Bulgarian Branch Chamber of Mechanical Engineering.
Currently, the relationship between science and business

Quite logically, the event began with a look at the current situation. Eng. Iliya Keleshev gave the attendees the opportunity to gain a clear view of the companies in the subsectors of mechanical engineering and outlined the ways to increase competitiveness.
This was followed by a direct online involvement of John Harkin, Senior Policy Advisor CEEMET - the European Employers' Organization representing the interests of the metalworking, engineering and technology-based industries. CEEMET represents 220,000 European countries. The expert focused on digitalization, safety and health in the work process. "Safety lies in the balance between regulation and innovation," he said. John Harkin also focused on psychological risks, technological solutions related to the protection of workers, including smart sensors, human-machine interaction, cobonts and exoskeletons.
After John Harkin, Prof. Dr. Eng. Iliya Zhelezarov, Rector of TU-Gabrovo, took the stage. Focusing on the connection between science and business in the digital transformation, he revealed how TU-Gabrovo interacts with local business. Prof. Zhelezarov revealed more about the newly opened Gabrovo Tech Park, which has 18 laboratories.
Digitization in action
New business models and new ways of thinking are tied to the digital approach, said Eng. Petar Katsarov, Motion Control Manager at Siemens Digital Industries. The specialist focused on digitalization in action, illustrating it with examples from technological reality. Introducing the SINUMERIK ONE digital CNC system, he illustrates in detail the advantages of integrated complete solutions, opening new horizons for machine builders.
High technology creates unlimited possibilities. The audience was convinced of this after Georgi Bahchevanov and Georgi Stoyanov from Soltech physically took the stage, and virtually - Michael Dick - from Siemens digital industries software. They shared experiences and concepts on the topic of digital solutions to accelerate and facilitate everyday industrial processes.
The benefits of high technologies and their implementation were the focus of the participation of Eng. Nishan Bazdigyan - Manager of RAIS. He visually developed his vision of the Digital Twins, the smart factory of tomorrow. Those present noticed with interest the interesting thought in his presentation that the COVID-period can be a time for a leap in technology, for new developments of more complex multifunctional machines.
Production benefits, trade optimization
Mariana Pecheyan shared her inspiration, energy, vision and expertise through the second panel. Managing VSK Centaur "and" VSK Centaur-IZ Dynamics ", she acquainted the audience with the practical application of modern systems for management of production processes. Mariana Pecheyan shared her rich experience of the benefits of implementing innovations in any technological process - as in production and for traceability.
She was followed on the podium by Adrian Bazavan from DG Trade. He presented the new Access2Markets portal, a one-stop shop developed by DG TRade at the European Commission. The platform allows for optimized import and export of goods and services within the European Union.
Robots are now more than reality; they are available
Yes, robots are already widely used in industry for various operations. It was the process of their implementation that was the focus of Svetoslav Vassilev, SIVIKO. "Robots are becoming more accessible," he said. According to the data presented by him, the investment in such a machine pays off in 1.5 to 5 years, with an operating period of 15 years. In order to achieve the optimization of production, it is important that the industrial robot is properly integrated, he said. "And this requires daily work with him," added Svetoslav Vassilev.
The technological and informative accompanying program of MachTech & InnoTech 2021 continues during the other exhibition days. You can view it in detail at the link: www.machtech.bg/program
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