Robotization – the essential element of modern industry

Cobots, integrated solutions, precise production and safety systems, this is what the international exhibition MachTech & InnoTech Expo is offering us – from 15th to 18th April

Impressive with its rapid rate of development and deployment in production. This is robotization, rapidly entering the modern industry. It is irrefutable that this process leads to many advantages for manufacturing, among which: accelerated production, combined with lower costs, super precision products, creation of prerequisites for expansion and stepping on new markets, and building new market niches.

“Robotization” is one of the key words at the international exhibition MachTech&InnoTech Expo. For the 11th time, in Inter Expo Center, the forum will uncover the potential of industrial technologies – in four exhibition halls, on an area of over 10,000 square meters, over 190 participants will present hundreds of innovative products and services! Some highlights of the exhibition to be found by visitors from 15th to 18th April include the latest cobot solutions, robotized arms, the injection mold and electric arc welding systems, software 3D printing and specially designed safety fencing facilities.

Robotized arms

They carry out high precision operations, lift massive objects overhead, even whole vehicles. These are the robotized mechanical arms to be presented by participants in MachTech & InnoTech, applicable in heavy manufacturing and the automobile sector. “Industrial process automation through the integration of industrial robots is of decisive significance in the 21st century,” experts commented.

Agile and multifunctional, this is the MOTOMAN GP8 robot, presented by Aramet Robotics. Manufactured by Yaskawa, it is a fast and compact industrial robot with payload of 8 kg. The 6-axis GP8 can assemble, package, transport, lift and arrange. Equipped with anti-corrosion coating, it can operate in a corrosive environment – acidic and alkaline.

The impressive KUKA cobots will be presented by BG Robots. The systems they have include a palletizing robotic manipulator with payload of 60 kg.

Smart functionality and 360° range

Integrated solution for robotized electric arc welding will also be the highlight of FANUC. The use of industrial robots allows high flexibility in this industrial process, and the implementation of mechanical arms combined with specialized welding equipment enables a high degree of automation of the welding process. “The result is a higher-quality welding seam, higher productivity and efficiency,” experts state.

A combination of speed and precision is what the new SCARA robots from FANUC offer. They are the preferred choice for enterprises carrying out robotized installation of smaller items. Their design is compact and they have a 360° range. Equipped with smart functionalities, they have multiple smart functions.

Super precision operations are the “specialty” of Hanwha Cobot HCR–5. Light and easy to transport, they can be implemented in smart systems. Two cobots can be used simultaneously and operated with one controller.

A technical novelty in industrial robotization, “ROBOT” – the welding extruder and 3D printing presented by Hertz Bulgaria. The machine creates a perfect seam, and thanks to the possibility for connecting a three to 6-axis system, various products can be created. The precision of performance reduces human errors.

High precision and designed to perform a wide range of operations – the lathe with robotic palletizing station T250 RAIS. Its technical parameters provide high productivity, durability and speed in all lathing operations on different materials. The implemented robotization allows the machine to load even small and medium-sized materials. “The investment in such a station allows the automation of several machines, which enables flexible production,” experts commented.


Companies also focus on safety in robotization. Axelent safety fences will be presented at MachTech & InnoTech Expo. They are based on a standard design in terms of panels, posts, accessories and color. Products from the X-Guard range have a modular structure, which allows fast construction of a dedicated space for cobots and robotized systems. Aramet Robotics will also present the innovative X-Guard Contour – a machine guard system with rounded corners. The new forms allow the structure to fully integrate into the overall system and work spaces.

Safety equipment in three categories - “Basic”, “Strong” & ‘Heavy” – presented by Stratons. The products allow customization according to the nature of production, specifics of the machinery and customer requirements. Modularity is leading here as well, saving up to 25% of the assembly time.

“Robotization.” This word will certainly be of essential importance for industry development – in all its aspects. This is why sector representatives will follow the trends in the robotization process in the sector of metal processing and industrial technologies from 15th to 18th April at the MachTech&InnoTech 2019 exhibition.