Realities and prospects for the construction and furniture sectors: Architecture-building week week and EXPOMEBEL have started

For the first time, ATEST EXPO is also being held, dedicated to large construction equipment and mechanization
If we have to define the construction and furniture sectors in one word, it is "sustainability". Despite the global events of recent years, both industries have demonstrated composure and balance. Their behavior created a good basis for a rise. An upsurge, which from March 30 to April 2 at Inter Expo Center we will witness the Bulgarian construction exhibition Architecture-building week, the new ATEST Expo format - dedicated to large construction equipment and mechanization and the Bulgarian furniture exhibition EXPOMEBEL.
The last months of 2021 were marked by growth in construction output. According to NSI data, in November the index of construction production increased by 1.9% compared to the previous month. The trend continues in December 2021. An indicator of the recovery is the upward trend in the exhibition sector and in particular - Architecture-building week and EXPOMEBEL.
"The tangible growth of exhibitors this year is a clear indicator of upward processes," commented the organizers from Inter Expo Center. The trend is also reinforced by the thematic enrichment of the exhibition. From this year, Architecture-building week has a distinct emphasis on the segments of large construction equipment and investment instruments. ATEST Expo will be held for the first time. The format was implemented thanks to the active participation of the Association of Large Construction Equipment Dealers (ATEST). Large machines unfold their potential on 10,000 square meters of outdoor areas. The organizers of the Architecture and Construction Week are also creating a section on investment instruments, lending and construction insurance.
Innovation – that key word
Recent editions of Architecture-building week have turned the exhibition into a platform for presenting innovations in the sector. Now we will see Hörmann homee - a modular and flexible control center for a smart home. The white cube has a WLAN connection, can be positioned anywhere and allows other modules to be connected to it; according to the needs of the Smart Home. The advantages of a program of report of WM, calculating earnings on the basis of WM performed by each worker, wages per piece, base or hour, and gives much more valuable information. Those looking for photovoltaic solutions will find specially designed adjustable mounts.
To create energy-efficient buildings, we will find a complete solution for Schöck Isokorb thermal bridges. We will also get acquainted with the latest models of VELUX 3 in 1 roof windows, as well as with ICF technology of insulating formwork elements and forms. For the finishing touch in the bathroom, the eye-catching Grohe Allure - the bathroom faucet - is elegant, delicate and minimalist. The innovative FOKS BREEZE floor convector is suitable for any interior and can be used for both heating and cooling. The new STROTEX-Q roofing membranes will be presented at the exhibition. For photographing buildings from the outside and inside, creating floor plans and with many other applications is the GeoSLAM ZEB Horizon 3D handheld laser scanner for mobile scanning and creating 3D point clouds.
Exhibition Architecture and construction week and ATEST EXPO give the opportunity to discover the latest in the sector of large construction equipment. On the outdoor exhibition grounds of the Inter Expo Center, XCMG Off-Road Cranes, the newest a DRESSTA bulldozer weighing 20-22 t. The backhoe loaders and a MECALAC roller are also impressive. The special insurance product "Construction and earth-moving machines (Machine insurance)" by Bulstrad, created for construction and earth-moving machines, will also be presented.
EXPOMEBEL – four days for ideas and inspiration
Freshness, vision and courage welcome us from the products at the EXPO FURNITURE exhibition. By all accounts, the companies of the sector have used the last three years rationally; function and design intertwine like never before. The furniture with the Arctronic system impresses, the elements of which make transportation as easy as possible. We find a lot of character and inexhaustible style in the Vintage Stacking Chair and the Brooklyn Industrial Stool; furniture that simultaneously creates an individual character of the space, but can be assembled and moved in seconds. Titan Art Design's chair is suitable for a dining room, office or a place to rest. And when it comes to school furniture, the possibilities are endless; the RONDO STIFF student table and the ERGO chair prove it.
Do you want to create a unique space? By visiting the EXPOMEBEL exhibition, this is possible. It's as if from a new dimension are the tables, combining solid wood and epoxy resin in their top. Also inspiring is the concept of the Lampion.E lampshade, which its creators keep building on the "SCORPIONS" mirror? And to end the paragraph - the abundance of mattresses, furniture edges and acrylic panels is almost uncountable.
What lies ahead in the construction and furniture sector, we will find out from April 30 to March 2, thanks to Architecture-building week exhibition, EXPOMEBEL exhibition and the new ATEST EXPO format. You can visit them from Monday to Friday between 10.00 and 18.00, and on Saturday, April 2 – until 16.00.