Inter Expo Center welcomes the Technical Engineering Center of Festo in Bulgaria as a new tenant in the office building

The world leader in the field of automation technology, industrial training and educational programs - Festo, opens a new office and test laboratory for the needs of the industry.
Festo is the sixth new tenant in the Inter Expo Center building in the last 2 years. With this deal, Inter Expo Center strengthens its reputation as a technological hub, attracting innovative companies that offer global high-tech products with an impact on global economic processes.
The technical engineering center is part of Festo Proizvodstvo EOOD - a subsidiary of the German concern Festo SE & Co. KG, will have office and testing facilities in the building.
Here, products and devices will be tested in temperature chambers, IP tests and electrical characteristics before being put into production. The industrial segments where high-tech products find application are the automotive industry, medical technology and equipment, automated production, biotechnology, chemical, pharmaceutical, food and packaging industry, water and treatment plants.
The Festo plant in Bulgaria produces process automation components, flow and pressure sensors, connecting cables, electric drives - over 2,560 types of products. More than 10 million products are produced annually, and the company is constantly deepening its competences and expanding the product range.
Festo Production is strongly involved in various projects related to sustainable development and corporate social responsibility. It is one of the leading companies in the pilot project for the introduction of dual education in secondary education in Bulgaria, which is based on "learning by doing". Festo realizes this corporate mission by providing simulation software, modular factories and fully equipped training centers. By the end of 2023, Festo production will be carbon neutral.