h. i summit through the hybrid and online events platform of Inter Expo Center

The first international annual forum h. i summit was held yesterday at the Inter Expo Center, using the new packages for holding hybrid and online events with the highest studio quality and with all the necessary services included.
The event, organized by @ Human Business Studio, commented on extremely interesting issues, with a serious emphasis on human development.
What will be the next level of human-human, human-business interaction in society as a whole? Exploring the future of human intelligence and how to speak openly about equality and continuity in the age of globalization. The alienation of people, trust and transparency in the social contract. What is the impact we would like to have in this world? These were some of the topics discussed at the forum, and here is what the organizers themselves shared:
„With h. i summit we puts Man at the center to find a sustainable and effective approach to managing business organizations in the face of extremely dynamic technological and demographic change. ”
The event itself was held entirely online, but thanks to modern technical capabilities, the participants were part of a live, not a virtual event. Some of the presentations took place on site in the hall, others were broadcast on the online platforms zoom and skype, and the panel discussions were a mix of live and online presence via skype. Inclusions were made from different parts of the globe, and two-channel streaming with simultaneous translation was performed. The interactive participation of the spectators in the Q&A sessions was ensured through the slido platform.
We thank the organizers for their professionalism and trust, and we will look forward to seeing them again.