Five International Food Industry Exhibitions will be held in Sofia during autumn

What is Boulevard of the Senses and GreenLine, we will find out from October 5 to 8 at Inter Expo Center
At the beginning of October, Sofia will be an attraction for the food and beverage sector. From October 5 to 8, the five International exhibitions Mesomania, World of Milk, Bulpek, Interfood&Drink and Salon du Vin will be held in the capital. United under the mega-brand International Food Exhibitions, they will bring together hundreds of Bulgarian and international companies, and thousands of visitors will fill the halls of Inter Expo Center every day.
With its efficient model, the format proves that success lies in joint efforts. The five exhibitions are realized through the constant communication, partnership and teamwork of the organizers and co-organizers Inter Expo Center, the National Union of Bakers and Confectioners, the Association of Meat Processors in Bulgaria, the National Chamber of Vine and Wine and the Association of Milk Processors in Bulgaria.
The result? The five exhibitions create a platform to learn about food, beverage, packaging and technology trends in the food sector. Visitors enter a profiled environment with potential business partners. "All the qualities of the International Food Exhibitions have made them major events for the sector in the Balkans and Eastern Europe; they create prospects for business development," the organizers say.
The precise segmentation
The creation of specialized areas for each field of industry is a major advantage of International Food Exhibitions. For example, Interfood&Drink brings together the segment of food, beverages, processing machinery and technology, warehouse equipment and packaging. Mesomania focuses on meat and products, production technologies and logistics. The World of Milk exhibition is focused on milk and milk products.
Bulpek advocates bread production and bakery. In the halls of Inter Expo Center, the forum brings together products, raw materials, machines, packaging, laboratory equipment, consumables, etc. Salon du Vin is among Bulgaria's first large-scale events for wines and spirits in the recent history of the country. The format brings together many Bulgarian and foreign offers and technologies accompanying the production.
Fest for the senses, Green Line and BioZona
For an exhibition to be complete, apart from being a platform for innovation, it must also be a Universe of the senses. For several years, Inter Expo Center has been inspiring the attendees of the International Food Exhibitions with Senses Without Borders. Every year the festival of the same name has a different emphasis. Now this will be the "boulevard of tastes". The organizers say that there will be a food island, an October fest, chocolate and wine zones.
Pierstan within the framework of the megabrand from October 5 to 8 finds the new theme GreenLine. After a successful first edition this spring, the medicinal and aromatic plant products project has now been upgraded. The development of the "BIO ZONE" concept, uniting the organic segment in the food industry, continues.
Attention will be drawn to the Pizza Championship, which will include an international jury. The Gold Medal with Diploma competition will recognize quality and original products and additives.
Advertising and the food industry in symbiosis
The food and beverage sector and the sphere of printing and advertising "go hand in hand". Therefore, the organizers are developing the symbiosis model from 2021. of the parallel holding of the International Food Exhibitions and COPIS. The only printing and advertising exhibition in Bulgaria emphasizes graphic and spatial design, materials and consumables for printing, the production of advertising elements and visual communications.
Innovation, opportunity for business development and inspiration with new ideas. All this, in combination with a rich accompanying program, will be offered to us from October 5 to 8 at the Inter Expo Center by the international food exhibitions Mesomania, World of Milk, Bulpek, Interfood&Drink and Wine Salon.
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