Facebook stories

Facebook stories tell stories, narrating emotions every day of our lives

And this is just the beginning of the Facebook F5 Business Conference with the participation of 11 of the most experienced Facebook experts in Bulgaria. Organized by DigitalPro, the event takes place throughout November 16 at Inter Expo Center.

By focusing on the social network, the event highlights the main topics that are directly related to achieving optimal results during use. The experts drew the attention of the public  present in Vitosha Hall at Inter Expo Center to the issues related to changes related to Facebook Algorithm, new features of the social networks, copywriting for posts and advertising, tips on video advertising and Viral marketing, advertising strategies, personalized Dynamic Remarketing, and more. Business owners and marketing experts found more info about optimizing Facebook ads and automation option through Facebook Bots.

An expression of experience

Stilian Zaporozhanov, an online entrepreneur and Facebook expert with nearly 7 years of experience, introduced the public into the main rules of the conference. The public itself had to play the most active role in it.

"Facebook stories is an expression of the experience we share with our friends. So the idea of  young audiences communicating through Snapchat grows into Stories, "says Bisser Valov, a digital marketing consultant, having clients and brands such as ozone.bg. All platforms from Facebook and Instagram up to WhatsApp use Stories. He stressed that, in addition to uploading pictures, videos and design-making, the user already has much more freedom to add symbols and drawings; and this builds a rich basis for expressing a series of experiences. "Since June 2018, Stories has grown enormously by attracting more than 1 billion users," said Bisser Valov.

"The Stories left-to-right information horizontal feed is a great challenge for Facebook," experts commented. Thanks to the opportunities it provides, Stories registers 15 times greater growth than expected, restructuring advertising on the Facebook social network. For its effective use, the social network has created Stories Ads, which can generate stories for specific occasions. The Daily Story, a 24-hour publication, is probably the next trend for 2019, opening up new opportunities for advertising .

The creation of an effective marketing campaign was the highlight presented by Martin Popov, manager of the digital agency Interactive Share. "You need to have a goal, a message and a focus," he said. He advises both campaigns and products to be tested in advance. "Be a realistic dreamer," he advised.

"Story telling", the future of social networks that provides a wide horizon of action through video marketing raised an exceptional interest in the public present .They were also introduced to the possibility of having a small team preparing a successful free marketing through the use of Viral marketing. The audience enjoyed some extremely useful tips for customized Dynamic remarketing and for an effective Instagram marketing. Valuable tips were also given in the field of profitable sales funnels.

And now let's go back to the rules. Take notes ,leave your ego aside and applaud.