Business events are very safe and are an important tool for business recovery

Ivaylo Ivanov, Member of the Management Board of the Bulgarian Convention Bureau and Manager of Inter Expo Center, Business Start
The Bulgarian Convention Bureau appeals for a new closure of businesses and for this to be dropped from the agenda and plans for the future development of the country. This was shared by Ivaylo Ivanov, manager of the Inter Expo Center and a member of the Management Board of the Bulgarian Convention Bureau in the show "Business Start" hosted by Hristo Nikolov this morning on Bloomberg TV Bulgaria.
The decision-making from today to tomorrow what anti-epidemic measures should be applied, such as the order of August 20, which was announced on the evening of the 19th, create tension in businesses due to the lack of predictability, Ivaylo Ivanov said in the interview.

He expressed concern that he did not know how he would be able to continue the business in the event of an increase in morbidity and a new closure, as the plan stipulates that as the morbidity increases, the sectors will be closed again, including exhibitions and conferences. Ivaylo Ivanov brings us back to the situation from last autumn and spring of 2021, when the incidence was 600 per 100,000 people, and now the same measures are activated at a several times lower incidence threshold of 200 per 100,000 people. "At the same time, there are over a million vaccinated, unlike last year. The most important thing is that the state has provided vaccines for everyone, "Ivaylo Ivanov added.

"Exhibitions and business events are extremely safe. We have been trying to communicate with the health authorities for a year and a half. For comparison, in the morning people ride in the subway, sitting next to each other, and at conferences they are in a chair with masks. Even in bars and restaurants, 4-6 people sit at a table without using a mask. "
Ivanov believes that not a single person has been infected at their events in the past year. Visiting these exhibitions and events is safer than visiting large retail outlets. In addition, with the full registration of business event visitors available, in the event of an infection, all visitors during the day can be identified. Ivanov also says that they have not yet received an explanation for their concerns from the ministry, but they have the support of branch organizations, as well as the BCCI and BICA. According to the guest, business exhibitions and conferences are important for the restart of the business, as well as for its stabilization.

"In many sectors, the links between suppliers and producers, between producers and customers, are broken, so it is important to have a calm and predictable environment so that business can get on track." Ivaylo also commented that there is no alternative or compromise option in the event industry, as online events do not bring profit, he commented. Companies in the industry have a 12 million drop in revenue. "The aid we have received has covered less than 10% of the lost revenue benefits, we are all at a loss. The knife is not resting on the bone, but one leg is cut off and we cannot afford to close the sector again, especially with so many vaccines in stock. It turns out that the state only punishes certain industries because of the small number of people vaccinated.

You can see the interview with the manager of Inter Expo Center, Ivaylo Ivanov, here.