Blockchain technology is in the spotlight of 11th Eastern European Gaming Summit

Innovations, market changes and new marketing strategies are turning the Eastern European gaming industry around

The risks and possibilities created by the revolutionary blockchain technology are discussed by gaming industry representatives during the 11th Eastern European Gaming Summit (EEGS) in Inter Expo Center.

Blockchain technology, which is behind cryptocurrencies, provides the gaming industry with an exceptional number of advantages and ensures faster and more secure transactions. For the gaming industry, blockchain technology is an exceptional way to make payments right away, satisfying both companies and customers. The development of gaming technologies today is led mainly by the new financial revolution enabled by blockchain.

The EEGS conference focuses on innovative technologies, new marketing strategies changing the Eastern European market. It also covers global trends, as well as the latest problems to be solved in top gaming destinations, such as the Nordic countries. Gaming technologies are flourishing. They create conditions for uncovering new market opportunities. Another interesting topic at the conference is the challenges before mobile betting in Eastern Europe.

All new technologies are reconceiving the method of marketing representation and advertising in the entertainment and gaming industry. Experts are talking about focusing, effective techniques for brand commitment and personalization. Each player, each customer, is important. The industry needs to win back the heart of each player. Customer needs are changing and the customer of the future is hard to predict. But it is the task of the business to start looking for solutions of tomorrow’s challenges today. And this is where the right communication through digital public relations and the right marketing content comes in. Representatives of the business discussed the less known topic of social games.

The program of the 11th edition of EEGS is enriched and more intriguing thanks to the participation of top experts in the world gaming industry.

The second day of the conference will cover fees and regulatory frameworks in the gaming industry. It coincides with the official opening of one of the most significant events for the sector in Bulgaria - BEGE EXPO 2018.