​What event brings together drone experts in Sofia on October 21?

The first specialized exhibition for drones and unmanned machines in the Balkans - INTER DRONE EXPO - will start in Bulgaria
Drones and unmanned vehicles are among the fastest growing technologies. Thanks to their optimized weight and mobility, they are applicable for rescue operations, mapping, surveying, scientific purposes, environmental protection, security and many other fields. And it is no coincidence that they will be the focus of the Inter Drone Expo Experts Forum event on October 21.
The event is part of the program of INTER DRONE EXPO - the first specialized exhibition for drones and unmanned vehicles in the Balkans, which opens its doors in Sofia from October 20 to 23. The international forum, which will be held under the patronage of Bulgarian President Rumen Radev, is organized by the Inter Expo Center and the International Drone Exhibition Consortium.
The Inter Drone Expo Experts Forum starts on October 21st at 10.00 am. And it seems that there will be a lot of useful information for every economic sector. The morning hours are dedicated to agrarian and agricultural activities. Experts will deploy their knowledge in the fields of surveying, mapping, seeding and much more.
Forwarding and medical services
Emergency delivery of medical products and courier services are the focus of the second panel. It will be followed by the topic of urban and regional aviation mobility. What does this include? "Visitors will discover more about the UAM and AAM initiatives, the challenges and adaptation of the urban environment for drone flights," commented the organizers.
Regulation, Security and Defense
Being at the beginning of the "Golden Drone Era", it is only logical that the legislative framework is yet to take shape. At the Inter Drone Expo Experts Forum, we will find out more about the regulations in the European Union for drone flights, their categorization and insurance.
"Drone Air Traffic Control in U-space" will be our focus in the early afternoon. We will learn more about the equipment of the drones, their management, the exchange of information, the role of local authorities in creating U-space.
The National Science Program "Security and Defense" will be presented at the Bulgarian drone forum. The organizers called the final part of the event the "Balkan Drone Forum" not by chance. In it, apart from the fact that the problems of drone activities in the Balkans will be examined, the idea of ​​creating a Balkan Drone Forum will be developed.
There are only a few days left until the start of the INTER DRONE EXPO. Anyone who wants to visit the first specialized exhibition for drones and unmanned machines in the Balkans, from October 20 to 23, can buy their ticket through the website www.interdroneexpo.bg