​The period September 14-17 - key for the sector of machines and technologies in metalworking

"We are in the midst of the campaign at MachTech & InnoTech 2021," commented the organizers

Industrial technology and metalworking are a key element in any economy. To achieve maximum results, the sector needs its professional platform for exchange of experience, business contacts and innovation. Over the last decade, MachTech & InnoTech has become one - the exhibition that the industry is looking forward to.

The key exhibition, dedicated to industrial technologies, 3D printing, automation and robotics, will be held from September 14 to 17 at the Inter Expo Center. The campaign is underway and the team is making every effort to successfully implement the project. Over 120 Bulgarian and foreign companies will participate in the exhibition and will present the products and services of more than 300 world brands. Austrian companies are again participating, which will be presented at the collective stand of the Commercial Department of the Austrian Embassy in Sofia.

"Last year, MachTech & InnoTech was postponed due to global processes. Currently, the lack of physical exhibitions is more than tangible for the sector. Because MachTech & InnoTech is a link between manufacturers, suppliers, innovators and the professional audience of engineers, technologists and industry professionals. This motivates us to offer the companies an even better overall product ", the organizers comment.

Thanks to the efforts of companies, media partners and the team, from 14 to 17 September in the halls of Inter Expo Center visitors will learn about the latest in the fields of metal cutting and metalworking machines, robotics, hardening and heat treatment machines, tools, laser and welding technologies, machine design, hydraulic and pneumatic devices, industrial automation systems, industrial networks and software, 3D printing, electronics.

Communication with exhibitors

The industry's interest in MachTech & InnoTech 2021 is palpable. Putting information and communication at the forefront, the organizers are in constant dialogue with companies from Bulgaria and abroad.

For maximum convenience and awareness, the use of online channels is encouraged. In the site www.machtech.bg the companies that want to get involved receive detailed information on how to do it, what are the procedures, who is the right person from the team to whom they should turn. The "News" section publishes interesting information about the innovations that will be presented, and the development of social media channels on a daily basis.

It seems that the advanced format of MachTech & InnoTech in 2021, from 14 to 17 September, will offer opportunities for all present, in line with the new reality. A reality that the organizers define as "a stage for the sector that gives new perspectives".