​The first indoor competition for 5-inch drones in Bulgaria will be held in Sofia

A series of drone championships conquer the capital from October 20 to 23, within the framework of the first drone exhibition in the Balkans – INTER DRONE EXPO
For the first time in Bulgaria, a competition for 5-inch drones will be held indoors. This will happen at Inter Expo Center, on October 22, within the framework of the first drone exhibition in the Balkans - INTER DRONE EXPO. The competition, in an international format, for this class of drones will be the last of the MultiGP season within the framework of the Drone ARENA project. It is organized with the support of the "United Drone Society" Association, Bulgarian Federation of Aeromodelling - BAF, Steldi Air, DroneXtreme club (Sofia), AltairFPV club (Gabrovo), DCV - Drone club-Varna, Drone club-Plovdiv, FPVScape and Drones .bg.
Meeting point for pilots from Bulgaria and abroad is the INTER DRONE EXPO exhibition, from October 20 to 23. The format is implemented jointly by Inter Expo Center and Consortium International Drone Exhibition. In addition to the indoor 5-inch drone competition, drone masters will compete in various categories, thanks to the competition areas and drone courses built by the organizers. The drones of famous competitors will fly over them, including those of pilots from the four largest drone clubs in Bulgaria - DoneXtreme, Drone Club Varna, Altair FPV and Drone Club Plovdiv. We will witness the International Drone Championship and the Republic Championship.
The rules
"The event is the last of the year for 5-inch FPV drones," the organizers say. Races are held with the racing drones designed and assembled by the pilots. According to the rules, they must go through a pre-arranged obstacle course. The requirements for unmanned vehicles are not only to develop high speed, but also to have the necessary maneuverability to overcome various obstacles.
The organizers have separated different zones - ON ROAD, DRIFT and CRAWLERS, as well as an extensive Drone track, with an area of ​​1300 sq.m. Perhaps here is the place to mention that Bulgaria occupies an important place in the drone map of Europe. Because it is one of four countries, thanks to the efforts of the Drone ARENA, in which international qualifications are organized, as a result of the earned status to the MultiGP - the world's leading circuit of flying drone competitions.
The power of hydrogen
Competitions start at 10.00 and end at 17.00. A demonstration competition with climbers, models 1:12 – 1:10 will be held on the CRAWLERS track. Drift demonstrations will meet the drivers racing 1:10 models with electric motors, there will be practice and demos on the on-off-road track, and demo starts on the 1:28 model track on the ON ROAD track.
On the same track, we will also see the competition between machines with electric motors powered by a hydrogen cell. Together they will launch up to 10 models, which will measure forces for 4 hours. Whoever completes the most laps wins.
Over 180 km/h
Prying eyes are sure to gather the test flights on the FVP course. It is interesting to mention that their models are equipped with FPV cameras/real-time viewing cameras/ and the pilots fly with special glasses... While the drones develop 180 km/h and more. Dizzying, isn't it?
Adrenaline filled Saturdays and Sundays
Yes, we are sure that October 22 and 23 will be the days of adrenaline and emotions. With the opening of the exhibition on Saturday, October 22, the long-awaited FVP drone racing - the International Drone Championship - also started. According to the rules, stratify in two or three models. The ranking is based on the most laps completed in a given time. Penalty points are charged for each missed or incorrectly overcome obstacle.
Participants will also enter the BFAMS Republic Championship for 1:10 on-road and off-road models. It is held according to the rules of the Bulgarian Motor Sports Federation (BFAMS). We can find out what they are HERE.
The championships continue on Sunday. It is on this day that the best of the best will be determined. And perhaps here is the place to add that, as it should be, the champion will also receive a special award. SAMSUNG Bulgaria will provide the grand prize that will be awarded to the winner of the upcoming International Drone Championship within the INTER DRONE EXPO exhibition. The best will leave with the Odyssey G4 monitor.
Do you want to visit the drone competitions and exhibition INTER DRONE EXPO? You can get a ticket in less than 2 minutes on the website www.interdroneexpo.bg