​The barometer for the building sector – Architectural-Building Week

From 16 to 19 June, the participants in the exhibition presented the prospects, innovations and current issues
Business platform, opportunities for new professional contacts and acquaintances, innovations, accompanying program aimed at the digital transition, building passports, interior design and current issues in the construction sector. Such was the spirit of the exhibition Architectural-Building Week, which brought together the industry from 16 to 19 June at the Inter Expo Center.
The event expected by the sector was realized with the joint efforts of over 90 participants with 200 represented brands, state institutions, branch organizations, media partners. The holding of the Architectural and Construction Week confirmed Inter Expo Center as a safe place for holding indoor exhibitions. The participants from Bulgaria, Turkey and Italy and the visitors from the country and abroad reported the strict observance of the measures imposed by the national health authorities. The additional "Internal Rules" providing a health security environment, introduced by the Inter Expo Center, were also welcomed.
The attendees identified the exhibitions as key to the development of the economy because they are building a unique professional ecosystem. And they reported that the lack of live events in the last year has hampered the full contact between manufacturers, suppliers, distributors, customers, the exchange of experience and the implementation of innovations.
The construction sector in the new reality
"I am glad that after so many months we can see each other live again. The business platform Architectural-Building Week brings together the representatives of the Construction Sector again, said the manager of Inter Expo Center, Ivaylo Ivanov, in his speech at the official opening. The ceremony was attended by the Ministry of Regional Development and Public Works, MI, BIA, BCCI, BCC, KIIP, CAB, CERTIFICATE, NKIZ, BSMEPA, Embassy of Turkey, Embassy of Argentina.
The events that are currently being organized are smaller in scale, but are distinguished by the exceptional quality of business contacts, "said Boyko Takov, Executive Director of BSMEPA. The institution finances 12 companies with their participation in Architectural and Construction Week 2021. The primary function of the live events was also emphasized by Yordan Nikolov, Executive Director of BAIC. Antoaneta Barez, executive director of the NSIC, described the exhibition as a "barometer for business". "Business is waiting for the event Architectural and Construction Week", said Borislav Todorov, Chairman of the Board of ATEST.
The result of the effort
As a result of the joint efforts, Architectural-Building Week created a complex environment, combining innovative products, conditions for building and developing the business and an accompanying program with high added value.
We found proposals from many product areas: "Finishing activities", "Doors, windows and facades", "Construction equipment and machinery", "Vertical planning and landscape" and "Industrial construction and equipment", "Building automation", "HVAC", "Smart systems". Online-managed system solutions were presented, including hybrid heating and cooling systems, heat and fresh air recovery, etc. There were many innovations in air conditioning, fleet management, waterproofing, building materials.
The accompanying program with high added value
Undoubtedly, the exhibition becomes a professional forum when there is a full-fledged accompanying program. Thanks to the joint efforts, the events of the Architectural-Building Week  again created great additional value for those present.

On the first day, the attention was drawn to a round table on building passports, with the participation of experts from the Ministry of Regional Development and Public Works, BAIC, KIIP and CAB. The second day discussed the quality of design in a seminar organized by KIIP. The National Company "Industrial Zones" introduced us to its visions. And the professionals from BAU Academy focused on the communication and marketing platform for the introduction of innovative materials, technologies and solutions in construction. 

The key for construction digitalization and digital transition were the focus during the International Conference "Circular Economy. Small and Medium Enterprises in Construction in the Conditions of Green and Digital Transition ”, organized by BCC and IEC, with the assistance of BSMEPA. At the same time, the attendees understood the place of the interior designer in the construction process in an event organized by AIDB. A series of product presentations introduced us to systems for "Smart Home", energy saving, innovations in monolithic dry construction and more. The University of Architecture, Civil Engineering and Geodesy and the National Center for Seismic Engineering presented their expertise on "Earthquakes in Albania and Croatia and lessons for Bulgaria".
Exhibitions as live events bringing together professionals are of paramount importance to any economic sector. This was proved to us by the 21st edition of Architectural and Construction Week. After the successful implementation in the post-pandemic situation, we are more confident than ever: in the next edition of Architectural-Building Week k we will witness a serious upgrade. Because this year the solid foundations of a new beginning were laid.