​Nature reveals its potential on the Green Line - from May 18

A new exhibition format introduces us to the therapeutic possibilities of aromatic and medicinal plants
Back to nature. The expression has never been more relevant. More and more people and industries are turning their attention to nature and forgotten rural areas. Returning to the roots significantly increases the interest in natural food, cosmetic and therapeutic products. The question naturally arises, "How to find these products?" Building a bridge between manufacturers, traders, distributors and customers is the cause of Inter Expo Center's latest exhibition project. It's called the Green Line, and it starts on Wednesday, May 18.
The Green Line participants will introduce us to the aromatic and medicinal plants, their therapeutic value, their application in cosmetics and medicine. Quite logically, the format is part of the Bulgarian international exhibition BULMEDIKA/BULDENTAL/DERMA & AESTHETICS, which from May 18 to 20 brings together the medical, dental and dermatological sectors for the 56th time.
The creation of a format like Green Line is a long-awaited event by the sector. On the one hand, Bulgaria is known as a large producer of quality essential oils and herbs, applicable in a number of fields. On the other hand, through the event, the general public will gain a real idea of ​​the possibilities of natural products for industry and everyday life. "Through Green Line, the exhibitors' products will be presented to a targeted Bulgarian and foreign audience," the organizers comment. And they add that through the forum our country can consolidate its place on the world map in this sector. Among the advantages is the potential of the Green Line to turn our country into a regional hub for the production of natural products used in many industries. Undoubtedly, the first edition will subject the sector development, problems and perspectives to discussion.
What will we find?
Are you familiar with natural colors and preservatives? And plant proteins from different foods? In fact, nature can give a lot to modern humanity. So it's no surprise that the Green Line will have a lot to offer.
At the moment, the participants have stated that they will present products from the fields of essential and base oils, floral waters, nutritional supplements, cosmetic ingredients, natural colorants, preservatives, pigments, solid and liquid cosmetic bases, coconut and cocoa products, vegetable proteins, herbs , mushroom powder, algae, super seeds, nuts and more.
The vision of the organizers is for Green Line to become a large-scale forum. Therefore, already in the first edition, we will be able to get detailed information about the benefits and possible use of natural products in various industries. Already on the first day - May 18, from Doriana Chakarova we will find out what the applications of hemp oil are in dentistry. In the following days, thanks to the accompanying program, we will learn more about cannabidol and hemp, for the benefit of health, from Boris Bonkin and Doriana Chakarova, respectively. Of course, visitors will receive valuable information about the qualities and uses of various essential oils, plant proteins and superfoods.
The initial application of Green Line at Inter Expo Center is a promising event, with great potential, which the field of natural and natural products has been waiting for a long time. Therefore, we will follow its first edition with curiosity - from May 18 to 20, and with interest we will get to know the natural products that will be presented to us.