​Mechanical engineering training and digitization are highlights of an international technical conference

The event on September 13 is part of the accompanying program of the international industrial exhibition MachTech&InnoTech
Well-prepared personnel are the basis of success for any economic sector. Therefore, during training, it is necessary to strictly follow a predetermined methodology. In this direction, efforts will be made by lecturers from the country and abroad, who on September 13, in Sofia, will participate in an International Conference on education related to industrial machines and technologies in the conditions of digitalization.
The international conference is jointly organized by the Bulgarian Chamber of Industry - Mechanical Engineering and Inter Expo Center. As part of the accompanying program of the Bulgarian industrial exhibition MachTech&InnoTech, which will be held from September 13 to 16 in the capital, the event will be accessible to every visitor.
The start of the international conference will be given by Isabel Sobrino Mate. The Senior Policy Advisor at CEEMET, the largest employer organization for metal, engineering and technology companies focuses on the 7 most in-demand skills to tackle new occupations and tasks, namely: interdisciplinary, analytical and soft skills, computer thinking, systems design skills, creative and entrepreneurial leadership and cyber security skills.
Skilled workers and dual training
Among the speakers is one of the visionaries in the sector - engineer Nishan Bazdigyan. The manager of RAIS will reveal the challenges in securing qualified personnel in accordance with modern requirements. He will place special emphasis on 3 aspects: the lack of sufficiently qualified workers, their long-term retention, dual training.
In the early afternoon, Kristian Mihailov, member of the board of the Professional Association for Robotics and Automation (PARA), appeared on the stage at the Inter Expo Center. It will dive into the steps for a successful robotics strategy. After that, engineer Sasho Vazharov, manager of Vaniko, will take the floor. With expertise from the epicenter of the Bulgarian industry, he developed his ideas for the improvement of qualifications and joint activity with vocational high schools in the preparation of personnel for the industry.
Theory in practice and current issues
Prof. Dr. Eng. Iliya Zhelezaraov, rector of the Technical University in Gabrovo, will unfold the vision for the future and present the steps that the university is taking to prepare qualified personnel for mechanical engineering. The audience will receive a practical example of implementing business-oriented training.
The problems during the preparation are the emphasis of Eng. Iliya Keleshev, chairman of the Branch Chamber - Mechanical Engineering. From it we will understand why the Ministry of Education and Science should strengthen its role in secondary education admissions. He will present the problems in the training of personnel in vocational high schools and technical universities and will reveal more about the growing role of employers in the process.
An international conference on education related to industrial machines and technologies will be available to all attendees at the MachTech&InnoTech 2022 exhibition. Registration is sufficient to visit www.machtech.bg.