​Marketing psychology - at Inter Expo Center

The conference brings together leading speakers from various fields

What does the consumer think? Why and what makes him prefer one brand to another? How to add value to your business?

The answers to all these and many more questions are given to us by the lecturers, who on July 9 "conquered" the stage of the event "Marketing Psychology". The place is the largest conference hall of Inter Expo Center - "Vitosha". The organizer is OFF Media.

In compliance with all the requirements of the health authorities, leading lecturers reveal the possibilities of various areas of marketing. Stanimir Andonov introduces us to neuromarketing and consumer behavior. To the question "What kind of buyer is our brain?", Antonina Kardasheva answers. Ventsislav Petrov introduces the audience to "Image culture, a tactical advantage in times of strategy", and Angel Iskrev - with "Brands must stop talking". Angel Lazarov focuses on NLP techniques for creating hypnotic content, and Yordan Zhechev joins with the topic "My mother makes the best cake".

Lyubomir Lyubomirov reveals the approaches to influence through content. "Why the brand should tell stories" is the accent of Angelina Penkova. The end of the event was marked by virtual technology. Because Boyan Milushev reveals VR as the present, not as the future.

Additional information about the conference "Psychology of Marketing" can be found at marketingpsychology.bg.