​Innovation is the driving force behind the furniture and woodworking industry

Technomebel exhibition, from April 18 to 21, becomes an attraction for two main sectors in the Bulgarian economy

What makes manufacturing a profitable and promising venture? The answer is – the implementation of innovative machines and the production of modern materials that the market needs. Undoubtedly, exhibitions are of leading importance for the economy, and when it comes to Bulgaria and the furniture and woodworking sectors - Technomebel. What the participants will offer us from April 18 to 21 at Inter Expo Center, we understand from the following lines.
"The Technomebel exhibition has established itself as an important event and B2b platform for the sector in Bulgaria and the Balkan Peninsula", commented the organizers Inter Expo Center and the Branch Chamber of the Woodworking and Furniture Industry (BKDMP). Among the participants are dozens of companies from Bulgaria, Turkey, Romania and representatives of companies from the Balkans, Eastern and Western Europe. To visitors who can register for a free visit to www.technomebel.bg., they will present woodworking machines, equipment, painting equipment, machines and materials for the production and upholstery of furniture, fittings, mechanisms, details, tools, consumables.

Without limitations
Realizing ideas requires the right machines. And we find them at Technomebel. Among them are the possibilities for milling with SMT, which TEKA gives. The models of the powerful and reliable machines are designed to cover all requirements for easy and precise work.
Robot for surface treatment, orbital and wide belt sanders presents TN MACHINES. The attention-grabbing SMA Robotics model GR-530 G is an anthropomorphic five-degree-of-freedom robot with a 3-arm carousel table. It is suitable for varnishing chairs and products with a complex shape made of wood, plastic, metal. At the same stand, we will also find the CAMAM LEC/200 AV orbital sander for straight and curved parts with cylindrical and oval sections. At Technomebel 2022, we will also learn about the features of the COSTA Levigatrici belt sander, K6 CS 1350 for automatic calibration and sanding of details made of wood and wood materials.
GALILEO. Under this name we find the system that some define as "changing the rules of the game" in the modern market - the VITAP CNC boring and milling machine, model GALILEO. It is a pass-through type CNC system with a lower work unit arrangement for complex plate machining. The machine features BAR NESTING® technology, adding the ability for horizontal drilling operations. What are the advantages of GALILEO? The main thing is that it is suitable for small and medium-sized companies with a low investment budget.
The innovative line for automatic cutting, drilling and milling of panels with a 5-axis CNC center offers SUPREMA. She works with details from different materials.

Prepared for the future

The optimization of processes and the minimization of possible errors are fundamental in modern production. This is also the "mission" of the innovative MINIPRESS top. Interior-I's all-new drilling and fitting machine makes service and setup even easier processes. The implementation of MINIPRESS top in production increases accuracy, efficiency, quality of work and final output. Bearing in mind that the final touches in furniture production are applied with paint, we cannot help but pay attention to painting. To this end, visitors to the Technomebel 2022 exhibition will find the Graco PerfomAA automatic and manual paint guns from Paint service. The new series for manual or automated application with a robot or painting line differ with fine atomization of the varnish or primer drop and optimized fluid speed.
At the upcoming exhibition, we will be introduced to the latest developments, including the new "lighting", which gives its own light signature to the drawer. Clip-on LED design profiles or illuminated glass Inlay beads provide a moody atmosphere by illuminating the furniture. "Less than a month ago, the innovation was awarded the Red Dot Designaward," Hettich tells us. The company will present its ideas in the field of furniture fittings. If we "walk" through the history of furniture production, we will find the huge development achieved in wood coatings. ANN-2 directs us to this important element.
We will find water-based nanovarnishes, acrylic products with a natural surface look and high resistance to mechanical and chemical agents, polyurethane solutions and special effects for accents in the interior. For the finishing touches to the design, Technomebel visitors will find a variety of ideas in the field of damask and sewing threads, such as Vetex yarns.
Technomebel will soon open its doors to visitors from Bulgaria and abroad. After a two-year break, now from April 18 to 21, the Bulgarian exhibition of the furniture industry and woodworking will once again provide an opportunity to get acquainted with the most innovative technologies, systems and approaches, as in the only business environment of its kind in our country. If you have not yet registered for a visit, you can still do so at www.technomebel.bg. Until then, we will continue to introduce you to the innovations that the exhibitors will present to us at Inter Expo Center.