​From April 7: Wine&Spirits Show reveals the magic of wine, craft beer and drinks from around the world

The exhibition is jointly organized by Inter Expo Center and DiVino
From Thursday, April 7, to Saturday - April 9, Sofia welcomes a key event for restaurateurs, hoteliers, bartenders, sommeliers and retailers. This is Wine&Spirits Show - the exhibition that, for the second year in a row, brings together quality wine, beer, craft offerings and high-alcohol beverages at Inter Expo Center.
Attendees of Wine&Spirits Show get to know drinks from Bulgaria and the whole world. Thanks to the joint efforts of the organizers Inter Expo Center and DiVino, companies and media partners, within three days we will be able to visit the stands of nearly 100 companies presenting hundreds of products. Among the dozens of exhibitors at Inter Expo Center this year too, there will be Bulgarian and foreign companies offering high-class food products that go well with classy drinks.
What makes the Wine&Spirits Show remarkable?
With the first edition of the format in 2021. in fact, the exhibition sector was revived after the onset of the pandemic. The great interest it attracted proved the market's need for the format. The audience recognized the main advantage of Wine&Spirits Show. The exhibition is a unifier of many economic sectors, which in the middle of wine, high-alcohol beverages and beer and high-end food products find a major intersection. This is also proven by the profile of the visitors. Restaurateurs, hoteliers, bartenders, sommeliers, retailers, business representatives of catering companies and the advertising sector, event managers and others flocked to Inter Expo Center.
Masterclasses, tastings and professional events in the Companion Program
Thanks to its accompanying program, the Wine&Spirits Show will be an island of knowledge. The organizers -  Inter Expo Center and DiVino, together with their partners, have prepared a number of tastings, master classes and events. Restaurateurs, sommeliers, bartenders and waiters will receive advice on developing the wine list from wine consultant Yordan Rusev. On the first day of the exhibition, Irina Stefanova answers the question "Real beer - what is it?". At the end of the day, the program provides a Master Class with a tasting of five Scotch whiskies. They will be paired with different foods, led by Nikolay Neikov.
The second day, April 8, started with a Round Table on the future of wine regions in Bulgaria. In other events, the Bulgarian Development Bank will present new products for the wine industry, and the Bulgarian Export Insurance Agency will present its services for the wine industry. After that, a Master Class with Yulia Kostadinova will introduce guests to six types of Caribbean rum. The last side event of the day will be a Master Class with a vertical tasting of Barovo Red (North Macedonia) and Terrasse à l'Ombre (South Rhône) with wine expert and teacher Alexander Ristovski.
On the last day, visitors will meet for the second time with Irina Stefanova and the secrets of real beer. Then in the Master Class with Yana Petkova, California wine will be presented - the fourth largest wine producer in the world? Yana Petkova has also prepared a Presentation with a tasting of seven wines - "The High Wines of Europe" with drinks from the Old Wine World - Italy and Spain.
The doors of the Wine&Spirits Show 2022 will be open to visitors as follows:
07 April: 12.00 – 19.00 h.
08 April: 12.00 – 21.00 h.
April 9: 11.00 - 19.00