​"BulevART of Tastes" gathers street food fans in October

The 4-day capital fest is a logical continuation in the development of the Senses Without Borders platform 
Are you a fan of good taste? Do you love quality street food offers, chocolate surprises, cocktails and craft drinks? If the answer is yes, then the event "Boulevard of Tastes" is a place worth visiting. The festival, which will start on October 5 in Sofia, is the result of many efforts made by the Inter Expo Center team.
"BulevART of Tastes", whose doors will be open from October 5 to 8, is a logical continuation in the development of the Sense without Borders platform, established by Inter Expo Center in recent years. The format is unique for our country. It combines a culinary fest with the holding of the mega-brand at the International Food Exhibitions. Mesomania, World of Milk, Bulpek, Interfood&Drink and Salon du Vin bring together thousands of representatives of the food industry from all over the world.
As we can guess from the name, "BulevART of Tastes" combines conceptual food from different parts of the world with street art. The fest will welcome in the spirit of the city and the lively central pedestrian areas. Thus, as in every cosmopolitan corner of the world, here the squares and small streets will host street food - magicians. The tempting offers of street food will be mixed with many exotic and gourmet products, chocolate surprises, ice cream. At the cute stands we will try cocktails, craft drinks, selected aromatic coffees in a pleasant company. And as it dictates the art spaces and the most notable places in every city, all this will be "dressed" in the wonderful performances of artists and street musicians.
There are no limits to the senses
Yes, there are no limits to the senses. "BulevART of Tastes" is proof that we can be wherever we want. The festival will meet us with many Bulgarian inspirations and foreign participants from Italy, Greece, USA, Republic of Korea, Poland, Argentina. We will be able to taste freshly prepared foods from three continents.
And as a final touch - there will be a special zone "Chocolate", "Island" of foods with protected name and geographical indication, as well as Green Line - the space for products from medicinal and aromatic plants.
The request that the creators of "BulevART of Tastes" give is more than inspiring and tempting. Therefore, fans of street food are waiting with interest for October 5th to come, for the International food fairs to begin, and for the Sofia fest to open its doors.

Online registration for a one-time free visit can be done HERE.
You will find all the news about "BulevART of Tastes" and the International Food Exhibitions on the website: www.food-exhibitions.bg