​An open letter to the exhibition industry

The Futurist Vito di Bari's visionary view of the expected turbulent restart of the event industry after quarantine

"The more we are connected virtually, the more we will want to meet in person," predicts lead speaker Vito di Bari in his open letter to the exhibition industry.

"After the coronavirus, there will be new business developments driven by emerging technologies and the event industry will start growing again at a rapid pace," predicts Vito di Bari. "This is our chance to optimize, to come out stronger and in better competitive shape than before," he added.

In his address, Vito di Bari pays special attention to how effective live events are for business. "Even if we take one of the most magnificent speakers and put him in front of a webcam and thousands of people watch him on facebook, zoom, skype for years, what happens to his charisma?" He becomes another "talking head" on the screen, the futurist gives an example.
You can watch a video with the message of Vito di Bari HERE.