Success lies in the symbiosis: the worlds of textile industry, printing and advertising came together at the exhibitions TMT Expo and COPIS

Full halls, thousands of visitors, hundreds of exhibitors, a rich palette of accompanying events, discussion meetings, exhibition and unprecedented business development conditions. This was the atmosphere in which the exhibitions TMT Expo and COPIS were held from 2 to 4 October at Inter Expo Center. The two parallel events attracted the attention of more than 5,800 professionals and were a proof that the success formula for the textile industry, printing and advertising lies in the unification of energies and efforts.

Textile sector already has its professional platform - TMT Expo

"The first edition of TMT Expo has laid the foundations of an extremely important event for the textile sector in Bulgaria and Southeastern Europe," commented the attending visitors during the exhibition of textiles, machines and technologies. TMT Expo has become a strategic point for the sector, providing opportunities for business development, renewing old ones and creating new partnerships, discussing and exchanging ideas and defining trends.

According to the organizers, TMT Expo 2018 was visited by over 2500 Bulgarian and foreign manufacturers, distributors, designers, traders, engineers and other professionals in the textile industry. "We had meetings with textile manufacturers, manufacturers of ready-to-wear garments and knitwear, manufacturers of non-woven fabrics," participants commented on the last day.

There were stands arranged by companies active in the design and production of textile design and products, technology and automation, yarn and fabric production, digital printing technologies and cutting technologies, interior textiles, connecting and fastening materials, accessories, specialized software and more.

Besides structuring a sustainable business, TMT Expo has posed a number of topical issues on the agenda. The 20th National Textile Conference "Traditions and Innovation in Textile and Clothing" brought together professionals in the industry who sought solutions to the problems in the sector.

The satisfaction of everyone present from both the first edition of TMT Expo and COPIS was also remarkable.

COPIS 2018 - the power of tradition

The 7th edition of COPIS registered even larger occupied areas, growth in the number of exhibitors and visitors, an even richer content, numerous products and high-tech proposals, The forum once again gave the opportunity to present the latest novelties in the field of production, distribution and marketing of printed, light, outdoor and souvenir advertising.

The only Bulgarian B2B exhibition dedicated to the printing and advertising industry has once again become a platform for technology and trends and has proven its function as a barometer that measures the dynamics of the sector. COPIS has demonstrated the wealth of printing, color and fabric choices, as well as the invasion of high technology in the world of advertising with promotional products.

With the opportunities provided, COPIS 2018 attracted more than 4,000 visitors from Bulgaria and abroad, consolidating its position as a key event for the sector in the country and the region of Southeastern Europe. This year, companies from Bulgaria, Germany, Romania, Poland, the Czech Republic, Hungary and China joined the exhibition. All 120 companies occupied over 4500 square meters of exhibition space. "The parallel conduct of COPIS and TMT Expo reveals new opportunities for business and shapes new horizons ahead of us," commented exhibitors.

The business is unanimous. COPIS 2018 and TMT Expo have reinforced their place as a professional platform for the textile industry, printing and advertising.