Innovative technologies and extensive accompanying program brought together 13,892 specialists at BULMEDICA / BULDENTAL / DERMA & AESTHETICS

From 15th to 17th May, in the halls of Inter Expo Center, new topics placed a focus on dermatology and aesthetic medicine

The latest trends and innovations in the medical and dental sector brought together for the 53rd time specialists and business representatives within the international exhibition BULMEDICA/BULDENTAL/DERMA & AESTHETICS 2019. This year's edition of the professional forum will always be remembered by the visitors with its extensive accompanying program that focuses on prevention, diagnosis and therapy, as well as its new DERMA & AESTHETICS topic, devoted to dermatology and aesthetic medicine.

The organizers have registered an increased interest from Bulgarian and foreign companies for participation with more than 220 direct exhibitors from Bulgaria, Germany, Portugal, Singapore, China, Taiwan, Pakistan, Romania, Italy, France, Greece, Turkey, Slovenia, Latvia, Hungary. During the three days of the forum in the halls of Inter Expo Center, over 14,000 visitors presented over 980 brands, including 280 innovations.

High-tech equipment and wireless technologies

Combined devices for panoramic, cephalography and 3D surveys are just some of the high-tech products that have attracted the attention of the visitors at BULMEDICA. There was a high interest in portable devices, including last generation ultrasound devices.

Devices are optimizing their mobility, such is the trend in the dental sector. It is no accident that wireless tools, optical technologies, 3D printers, microscopes, implant systems and dental units of the next generation were among the devices that caught the eyes of professionals in the industry.

There was a sustainable interest towards K2 - wireless diode the pen-size laser. With a wavelength of 980 nm and an OLED display, a convenient menu, the K2 mobile has an aluminum tip, it works with fiber optic to facilitate work in various clinical cases. The technology impresses with its gravitational sensor, that makes its operation easier by recognizing the hand with which it is operated.

Artificial Intelligence already performing examinations

Among the highlights is also the introduction of artificial intelligence in obstetrics and gynecology. According to the opinion of the professionals who followed the demonstration, the SonoScape S60 device is a high-end innovation for Bulgaria as well as for Europe and the world. The S-fetus algorithm standardizes measurements in obstetrics to follow the development of the fetus as it reduces fetal exposures. The device is applicable in every sphere of medicine.

Screening tests for socially significant diseases

In the three days of the exhibition, the visitors could also take advantage of free examinations for some of the most common diseases. The National Patient Organization carried out a screening campaign for hepatitis C, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, thyroid disease, oxygen level measurement in the blood, and spirometry. The National Association "Diabetes, pre-diabetes and metabolic syndrome" provided the opportunity for a number of tests and organized individual counseling with an endocrinologist on overweight and obesity.

Healthy living and prevention – a highlight of the accompanying program

The main focus of this year's edition was the large-scale accompanying program dedicated to prevention, healthy life and the priorities of modern healthcare. Specialists had the opportunity to attend a number of seminars and lectures on various topics about the causes and consequences of obesity, overweight, nutritional disturbances, the correlation between low physical activity and health risk factors.

BULMEDICA/BULDENTAL/DERMA & AESTHETICS 2019 hosted a forum on "Challenges for Patients with Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension", organized by the Bulgarian Society of Pulmonary Hypertension Patients (BOPP).

Dental medicine was also widely represented in the side-events program. The Hungarian specialist Dr. David Botton Hangyasi demonstrated basic techniques for soft and bone regeneration in periodontal and implant surgery during his lecture.

The new beginning

The new topic DERMA & AESTHETICS was held for the first time within the framework of BULMEDICA 2019, focusing on modern technologies and methods of treatment in dermatology and aesthetic medicine. There were demonstrations of modern technologies, equipment and consumables in the zone of DERMA & AESTHETICS in the presence of well-recognized specialist in aesthetic medicine and dermatology.

"The Doctor Who Inspires Me"

The last day of the exhibition was as well inspiring!

One of the reasons was the event "The Doctor Who Inspires Me", where doctors were nominated and evaluated for their professionalism, and also scholarships and funds were provided for young specialists and charity causes. A total of six professionals were awarded prizes. The first place in the Neurology sector went to Prof. Maria Manova. The prize in Urology was awarded to Assoc. Prof. Nikolay Kolev, who introduced the robotic system "Da Vinci", and in the Oncology sector, the voters ranked first Dr. Krasimir Koinov.

For the 53rd time BULMEDICA/BULDENTAL/DERMA & AESTHETICS brought together professionals, leading companies, graduates and students in one place, proving their importance as the leading forum for medicine and dental medicine in Bulgaria.

We are looking forward to meeing you again between 13th to 15th May 2020.

The international exhibition will bring together medical specialist again from 13th to 15th May 2020