ATM protection from Cash trapping and BlackBox attacks

At SECURITY EXPO 2019 from March 6th to 9th, the businesses will discover unique solutions for physical and digital security

What is Cash Trapping? A fork-shaped device is installed on the ATM, that holds the money like a hook and imitates cash withdrawal. The ATM registers that the money has been withdrawn while there is no payment for the customer.

When the ATM has become an object of a virus in its front part, then we talk about a BlackBox attack. Products and solutions to protect ATMs from all sorts of attacks can be seen by the visitors to SECURITY EXPO's 26th edition from March 6th to 9th at Inter Expo Center. The only security and high-tech exhibition in Bulgaria will offer working solutions in the fields of video surveillance, fire detection, fire extinguishing, access control, biometrics, digital security and information security. This is the top forum of the sector in the country and in the Balkans. It is organized by Inter Expo Center and the Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

Business, financial and banking institutions will increasingly have to invest in security.

SECURITY EXPO will find products protecting ATMs from skimming and shimming devices , gas attacks, products protection of cash-collection services . One attack lasts 24 seconds. Apart from the security alarm system, most ATMs have no other protection.

Security must necessarily be increased at all levels.

Fast and accurate scanning and phone recognition

During the exhibition visitors will learn more about specialized solutions for fast and accurate automated processing and authentication of identity cards, passports, driving licenses. This will be done with the help of personal document scanners of the global leader in the production of compact and efficient Regula Baltia devices, which have no analogue in the world. The scanners are suitable for financial institutions, leasing and insurance companies, border authorities, and anywhere secure and rapid automatic identification of personal documents is required.

In today's world Internet security is extremely important. In practice, the lack of an adequate mechanism for rapid but legitimate identification was one of the impediments to the use of modern methods of digital payments, including electronic and mobile wallet, mobile banking systems, etc. At SECURITY EXPO, an innovative identification system will be presented at the conference SECURITY OF DIGITAL PAYMENTS, to be held on March 6th. The system is used by a mobile device requiring no knowledge or skills from the end users, thus being extremely accessible. Besides, at the event we will see how the revolutionary Phyre application works, not only for making but also for receiving payments via the phone. We will also see working solutions to prevent hacking attacks and frauds that cost millions. They all stimulate electronic payments.

Premieres at SECURITY EXPO

We cannot touch security, it can be felt and it is necessary everywhere. The businesses will also offer alarm and communication systems. At SECURITY EXPO we will see different series of voice announce systems. The focus of the proposals will be a new wall system by the Japanese brand TOA, which is used to announce fires, accidents, terrorist or other mass attacks.

An innovative Fire Extinguishing Module Shumcar will work successfully in a high-end electric car of the Italian brand ALKE, whose premiere for Bulgaria will be held at SECURITY EXPO.

The businesses can choose between the best video surveillance systems that will be presented live by the market leaders.

Surveillance system broadcasting live from Youtube

With Time-lapse technology you can capture video from the trench up to the roof. This is a technology that captures a large number of frames and then merges them into high-speed video. Imagine how within a few minutes a building appears from the trench, as if from nowhere and all this is seen in the Time-lapse videos. A CCTV allows direct / online live Youtube broadcasting from the building site.

At SECURITY EXPO, the professional audience can test a revolutionary technology that combines a secure and intelligent system for monitoring and control of various electrical devices through mobile devices. The new generation alarm system contains many features and technological solutions for home, office, production, commercial and warehouse security.

The variety of digital intercom systems allows for high-quality communication and security in small and large residential buildings and complexes.

Look for security in the SECURITY EXPO variety of working products and technologies from March 6th to 9th.

More info about the exhibition and the accompanying program can be found at securityexpo.bg.