​Rescheduling of dates for exhibitions at the Inter Expo Center

WORLD OF FURNITURE Expo will be held on 24-27.06.2020

Following the decision of the Council of Ministers on 08.03.2020, as well as the Order of the Minister of Health № RD-01-117/08.03.2020 for additional anti-epidemic measures on the COVID-19 disease, we inform you that all exhibitions and accompanying events organized by the Inter Expo Center within one month as of 9.03.2020 are rescheduled as follows.
WORLD OF FURNITURE Expo will be held on 24-27.06.2020.
The information on the dates of MACHTECH & INNOTECH Expo will be provided by 12.03.2020.
For the status of all other events held by other organizers in the territory of the Inter Expo Center, we advise you to contact the respective organizer for more information.